Panorama provides key evidence in illegal WEEE export prosecution

26th January 2016

Evidence from BBC’s ‘Panorama’ programme was central to an EA prosecution of Lynn Gallop, 52, and Mark Daniels, 51, both of Warrington, after EA officers found 11 shipping containers full of electrical waste destined for Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, the Ivory Coast and Tanzania.

Daniels Recycling, a waste site in Warrington, was ordered to pay £130,000 for illegally exporting 187 tonnes of hazardous electronic waste to Africa.

Ezenwa Ogbonnaya and Liverpool-based company M2 Ventures Ltd also pleaded guilty to exporting six of the containers, having bought waste from Daniels Recycling. Sentencing for Ogbonnaya and the company, of which he is Managing Director, will take place in March 2016.

Andrew Higham, from the EA’s National Environmental Crime Team, said: “It is illegal to send hazardous waste to developing countries. All organisations handling waste have a responsibility to check they know where their waste is going so it doesn’t end up causing harm to people or the environment.”

Not only does Blackmore Ricotech refuse to deal with anyone we suspect of exporting hazardous WEEE, and also carry out site inspections and audits on our downstream processors but we also work actively with the EA to expose and report people and organisations that are breaking the law.

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